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Farmyard Telstad is built on 1770 century. With us you can stay both in the main house, barn and shed. Traditional and evocative, suitable for a good night's sleep and a memorable experience as well.

Fishing and hunting

Glomma - Norway's longest river, runs quiet and welcoming just 100 meters from the courtyard of Telstad. River fishing here is very attractive, including the opportunities for fly fishing. In close proximity there is access to large hunting areas, both small game and big game.

Meetings and Courses

On Telstad has facilitated courses and meetings in exceptional surroundings adjacent to the farmyard. Everything you need for modern equipment, framed in an environment where the shoulders lowered and the chances of a major academic and social outcomes are great.

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Mette: 916 63 184
Erling: 913 99 406

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Erling Birger Semmingsen and Mette Sand Semmingsen
2500 Tynset

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