Telstad pictures

Røros World Heritage SiteWith particular urban environment and mining history, Røros Mart `n and sled dog race Femundløpet in February.

Tolga with built yard Dølmotunet with summer activities and annual Olsokuke with many different arrrangements around the municipality.

Vingelen, A special village environment with well-preserved old buildings, church and school museum, farm dairy, lush mountain pastures and abundant opportunities for hunting.

Tynset, Regional center with many shops and such Museum Center, gymnasiums m climbing wall, healthy living center, floodlit, cinema, library, galleries and hospitals.

Savalen with hotels and spa and Santa farm. Great conditions for tours and training in roller track, trails, ski trails, ski resorts and skating rink.

Alvdal with experience center Aukrustsenteret and Mt.Tron and Jutulhogget.

Os with Hummelfjell Resort.

Folldal, Gateways to Rondane, mining museum ..

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